What is The Church Webmaster Network

Greetings from Burlington, North Carolina. Thank you for clicking our way. The Church Webmaster Network is a group of churches that have hired The Church Webmaster to design and service their websites. Most churches simply can not afford a premium website, much less a full-time webmaster. A church, by joining The Network, is able to benefit from a full-time webmaster that is dedicated to The Network. With this SPECIAL WEBSITE OFFER, a church, with our two year Website Service Agreement, is able to save approximately 50% of the total design, operation, and cost of servicing their website over the course of The Agreement. The videos below have been created to help you understand the benefits of The Network Website Offer. Additionally, feel free to explore the LIVE DEMO of one of the Network Websites. If you are interested in learning more about this great offer, CLICK HERE or any of the "I'm Interested! What's Next?" links below. Thank you and may God Bless your church!

The Big Question

THE BIG QUESTION (:03) - Answers how a church on a tight budget can afford a nice website and someone to take care of it. Details about a special website offer and service agreement just for churches.

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The Network Website Tour


THE NETWORK OFFER WEBSITE TOUR (:08) - A personal tour of a website associated with The Network Offer. Each feature and web-page is highlighted one-by-one. Popular features are mentioned that can be added, as your ministry grows.

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What are the Network Website Offer Details

Few use the telephone book anymore. If a church doesn’t have a website, people may not know it exists. Additionally, these days, it’s not enough to even have a website! The website must look good, work well, be mobile ready, and have engaging features. If not, people simply “click away.” Furthermore, for a church, the website needs to be used to minister to others. The Church Webmaster specializes in websites, and features, to help run your church and minister to your congregation.

The purpose of this offer is to bring the high cost of owning and operating a website, for small churches, down to affordable. Presented is a Premium Content Management Website, with multiple color (5) and background choices (71), plus "starter" features necessary to operate the website for your church. In every area of the website development process, high mark-up costs have been stripped to facilitate affordability, simplify the process, and speed the deployment of your new website. As your church and website needs grow, the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) structure is already in place and awaits the installation of new features for ministry (See Great Ideas).

TIP: Take a serious look at this offer! YOU will save a lot!

Network Website Offer Details

Bringing the Cost of Owning a Website Down to Affordable (:13)

This is a very informative video that talks about The Network and how it works. You'll learn about the web development process. How to cut the cost of owning a website by individually reducing The BIG 5 Cost Areas. We’ll "Get Real" about the high cost of hiring a web firm to design and maintain your website with a real example. We’ll review The Network Website Offer, and how the cost breaks down, plus discuss the details of the two year Monthly Service Agreement. As your church begins to understand how to use a website to minister to others, I’ll mention features that can be added to help. Finally, we'll talk about the importance of securing your website, protecting it from hackers, and what to do next. CLICK HERE for the I'm Interested! web form.

The Network Service Agreement Recommendation

A COMMON MISTAKE many website owners make is to let the website just "take care of itself" once it's up and running. Regardless of how technically advanced your website is, every website needs regular maintenance. UPDATES ARE VITAL . . . If you're using a Content Management System, like Joomla or WordPress (and you really should be), then it is vitally important to keep your website updated with the latest security patches and software updates. There's absolutely nothing worse than having your website hacked! You don’t have to have an important website or running e-commerce for hackers to want to break into your website. Being pro-active on your security and software updates are not the only important reasons to have a good Website Maintenance Plan. Here are some others: 1) To keep people interested with fresh material, new products, services, solutions, and engaging features; 2) To keep the website working well by fixing broken external and internal links, plus insuring installed components are working properly; 3) To keep up with changing web technology; and 4) To maintain search engine rankings; just to name a few.

Compare Our Offer to Others

COMPARE | Image Results (Fayetteville, GA). Gold Website Maintenance Plan: 3.0 hours labor for $240/mo. That's $80/hour!

NOTE: This maintenance plan only covers HTML websites; it does not cover Content Management System websites like Joomla and WordPress.

COMPARE | Flying Orange (Twin Cities, MN). Basic Website Maintenance Plan: 2.0 hours labor for $129/mo. Three (3) Business Day Turnaround Time. That's $64.50/hour!

NOTE: No Complete Website Backup. No Template, CMS, or Extension Updates! No Website Statistics Report.

COMPARE | Griffin Web Design (Asheville, NC). Additional Labor $90/hour! SSL Certificates $120/annual. Our SSL Certificate is ONLY $55/annually!

Other Recommendations

Amazon S3 Cloud Services . . . $120/yr

APPLICATION: For websites with an audio and/or video sermon library and photo galleries.

The Church Webmaster uses Amazon S3 Storage Services as it's primary "Cloud" storage services. Amazon S3 Service is designed to make web-scale computing easier. Amazon S3 provides a simple web-services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives developers access to the same highly reliable, secure, fast, and inexpensive infrastructure Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.

Sucuri Website Security & SSL Certificate - PRO . . . $420/yr

APPLICATION: Provides Malware Removal & Clean Up Unlimited Pages, Automatic Scans for Malware & Hacks, Blacklist Scanning & Monitoring, Block Hackers with Website Firewall, Advanced Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection, plus a SSL Certificate Included & PCI Compliance.

Your website is often the first contact and impression for your church. If it is not safe and secure, critical relationships with members can be compromised. Most hackers use automated tools to find vulnerable websites. It matters not if you are a small business or a non-profit, threats come in many forms – infecting a website to spread malware to your visitors, stealing customer information, like names and email addresses, stealing credit card and other transaction information, adding the website to a botnet of infected websites, and even hijacking or crashing your website. Unprotected websites are a security risk to all who use it. A hack allows the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, and even attacks against national interests and infrastructure. In many attacks, hackers will try to harness the combined power of thousands of computers and sites to launch the attacks, and the attacks rarely lead directly back to the hackers.

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