The Global Printing Connection

The Site Director, LLC, owner of The Church Webmaster, started as The Global Printing Connection in July 2003. The Global Printing Connection provided Christian missionaries, living outside the United States, Stateside promotional services: Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Full Color Printing, Printed/Email Bulk Mailing; Mailing List Management; Photo Prayer Cards; Table Top Displays; and Websites. The Global Printing Connection's purpose was to assist full-time church workers and missionaries in raising funds for their ministries. As the need for Internet services grew, The Global Printing Connection changed it's name, formed a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and evolved into what is now known as The Site Director, LLC.

The Site Director, LLC

The Site Director, formed a Limited Liability Company on 29th of October 2010, even though it had been designing websites since 2006. From the start, our endeavor has been to bring the high cost of creating and maintaining a website, down to the level of affordable.

As a small business, we relate to the necessity of operating and maintaining a budget. We know time is valuable. Our websites are easy to maintain and are worry free! They look good, work well, and are designed to impress.

We appreciate the efforts of the non-profit communities like the Church, patriotic organizations, historical, and genealogical societies. We'll work with you to find a way to make the cost of owning a website affordable and help your organization grow ... a website that will make you proud.

We understand the earned values of trust, honor, dependability, excellence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, hard work, and quality of service - medals we strive to earn with each project. This, along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, assures you when you hire us, you can rest your search for a great web service.


The idea for came from a friend and former Assistant Pastor. He said, "Most churches can't afford a website. While you're looking for a job, why don't you design websites for churches."  It was a brilliant idea! Not only to help churches, while I was en-route to finding a full-time job, but to use my gifts and abilities to help churches full-time! My family and I committed it to prayer and this website is the result.

There's nothing more I'd rather do than to help churches get their message out. Most churches simply can't afford a professionally done premium website and fewer can hire a full-time webmaster. This is where The Church Webmaster can help. Let us be your webmaster, so you can focus on spreading The Gospel. We understand a website, blog, or mobile app may be the first impression someone has of your church. We want your website to look great! We will work with you to create a look that will impress, inspire, and will not cost a fortune.

"So that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV)